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The Highest Paid Jobs in Canada


If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the more than 62 million Canadians who live in the Greater Toronto Area. With an average of just under 24 million people living in the Greater Toronto Area, the GTA is home to some of the highest levels of foot traffic and employment opportunities in Canada. The job market in this region is also among the most dynamic due to its central location. Many people who live in or work in the GTA view it as their second home and many of them spend a great deal of time traveling within its borders for work or other reasons. According to Statistics Canada’s 2016-17 Employment Housing Report, there are over 20,000 jobs available in the Greater Toronto Area and another 20,200 jobs available within 90 km of Pearson International Airport. Given that many people find it difficult to get a job anywhere but downtown or with colleagues at work, it’s no surprise that many of these jobs are located within a distance of just a few miles. If you live or work in one part of Toronto or its surrounding area and want to be one of the highest paid jobs in Canada, keep reading to know about them:

The Highest Paidjobs in Canada

Construction/Construction Management – $ 90,500

Construction management can range from $95,000 to $135,000 per year depending on the type of work performed. However, for the most common job types like bricklaying, Hinton’s Contracting, and building management, these salaries represent more than $120,000 per year.

Personal Care and Service – $ 80,000 The average salary for a personal care assistant in Canada is $74,000, which is higher than the North American average of $69,000. However, the difference between the two is far less than the $93,000 in the West where people generally work longer hours and with less pay.

Marketing/Sales – $ 75,000 Marketing/Sales is the human resource function which involves creating and maintaining a business. For the highest paid jobs, it’s responsible for marketing the company as well as providing training and other benefits to employees. For example, a marketing manager could drive sales of the products the company offers, help boost brand awareness, and help set up future awareness campaigns in order to increase sales.

Marketing/PR – $ 66,000 Marketing/PR is the creative process of using media to promote a company. For the highest pay jobs, it encompasses writing press releases and boosting brand awareness, with additional efforts made to generate customer and potential customer data.

How Much Does A Canadian Job Pay?

For the most part, the pay cliffs mentioned above apply to non-vacancies on full-time or part-time jobs. However, for full-time jobs with benefits and years of experience, the pay jumps up to about $9,000 per month. However, for casual or part-time work, the pay is closer to $8,000, depending on your situation and experience.

The Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

Construction/Construction management – $ 90,500

Bricklaying, Hinton’s Contracting – $ 86,000 Construction/Construction – $ 80,000

Construction/Construction Management – $ 75,500 Housekeeping/Clerical – $ 66,000

Dentists/Sick stay – $ 60,000

Foodservice/Beverage – $ 54,000

Freelancers/Do it yourself – $ 49,000

The 9 Best Freelance jobs in Canada

Construction/Construction, construction/construction management, journeyman trades, physician/nurse practitioner, transportation/transportation, computer/information security, manufacturing/sales, medical billing/cure, digital/experiential, customer experience/customer service, hotel/motels/hotel management, customer service/hotel/resort, how much does a Canadian job pay?


As can be seen, there are a number of high-paying jobs available in the Greater Toronto Area. The options are pretty much limitless, and it’s often difficult to find a job that’s right for you. However, there are a few points to keep in mind when choosing a job location and series of jobs. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of each job offer: Keep an eye on the job market. How does it compare to other regions in Canada? What are the job opportunities and salary ranges within the region? What are people’s travel needs, likes, and dislikes? Take the time to understand how each job type works and what each company offers. Make friends with coworkers. It’s hard to get a job when you don’t like people, so try to develop a “buddy system” with friends in common interests. Remember: people are going to want to work with you, and you’re going to want to work with people.


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